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    While there's life, there's hope.
    Provides peace of mind continue to
    contribute to the creation and society a New value .
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    It provides confidence , safety
    and comfort of high buildings.
    Provides the best of construction and technology
    to the People's Republic of Bangladesh.
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    CSR Initiatives
    We endorse the activities of " Prothom Shurjo "
    and operates a shelter house in Uttara.

JTC Philosophy

We philosophy is " While there's life, there's hope”. We hope the happiness of all the people related to us . In order to realize this we will build the social infrastructure . On top of that , it provides peace of mind continue to contribute to the creation and society a New value.



Residential construction:

Our construction work is based on a rigorous process table. We have greater number of meetings then the conventional construction work, but we supply a high quality condominiums while avoiding delays and troubles of the project.

Management and maintenance

We constantly inspect the apartment for potential future problems,and take preventive countermeasures .As a result, we provide sence of security for everyone.


With our high-quality construction technology and property management experience.we can serve real estate development in one-stop.

Corporate Information

We offer the best of construction and construction technology of the Japanese style in the Bangladesh . We promise that we provide the " happiness " " safety " " comfort " to the building supply .In addition , we do not proceed any compromise . Every day , we will try as happy to have a body and soul for the sake of everyone .

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